Charlie Ganache, the passion for chocolate

Charlie Ganache is first and foremost the realisation of a passion. A passion for chocolate.
Being passionate about chocolate means looking for the best quality possible in all the products that we use in the creation of our confectionery, chocolate bars and chocolate gourmandises.
Chocolate is a journey, surprising us with the sensations it arouses, its fine associations, its origins, its varieties of cocoa, and the ways the beans are worked.

It's a journey because it is also a return to childhood like Proust's famous madeleine. It touches us, comforts us, draws us together and brings a sparkle to our eyes.
Pierre-Olivier Brändli, founder of Charlie Ganache, has bathed in chocolate since his mother opened a chocolatier's in Passage des Lions, Geneva, in 1997.
Over a period of twenty years Anne-Marie Brändli welcomed two great chocolatiers to her shop. It is thanks to her that her son fell into this galaxy of chocolate gourmandises where the imagination knows no limits. 

This wonderful journey is also the result of the enormous passion and know-how of our master chocolatier. Fasten your seatbelt because he has some unique experiences in store for you!

So the uniqueness of Charlie Ganache, artisan chocolatier in Geneva, clearly comes from selecting the best couverture chocolate-makers with chocolate that is 100% pure cocoa butter, but also from being creative, authentic and bold. 

Get your suitcase ready!

Charlie Ganache: Come with us on a journey …