Chocolate sensations galore

Whether it is wonder at the creaminess of a ganache or surprise at the subtle harmony of two unexpected flavours or savouring the crispness of one of our home-made pralines, our aim is to take you to another dimension in a galaxy of sensations and emotions.

To this end, Charlie Ganache selects the best raw materials, 100% natural.

The chocolate couverture-makers we work with are scrupulous in choosing cocoa beans from a wide range of countries with respect for human rights and the environment.

So Charlie Ganache makes its uniquely flavoured chocolates from cocoa from the very best sources.

The artisanal know-how of our master chocolatier, as well as his uncompromising pursuit of perfection, results in gourmet creations from more traditional to more surprising combinations. And it is always balanced by what tastes great.

At Charlie Ganache we are equally proud of our home-made pralines. We choose our hazelnuts from Piedmont, our pistachios from Iran and our almonds from Valencia, all of which lends real finesse to the journey.